NTS specializes in delinquent tax reporting service; providing accurate and detailed delinquent tax information. Whether the taxes are paid to the treasurer’s office or the clerk, NTS will tell you how much to pay, where to pay them, and documents needed for a successful delinquent tax payment. If the taxes can’t be paid at the first reporting, NTS assists you with planning for the future with the Next Critical Action and Next Critical Date. Along with all this information and the redemption period, NTS provides you the entire picture of what the status is on your property.


  • Total Amount Delinquent
  • Penalty Rate
  • Penalty Frequency
  • Interest Rate
  • Interest Frequency
  • Prior Amounts Delinquent
  • Multiple Years Combined
    (if combined with current delinquent or sold)
  • Total Penalties
  • Total Interest
  • Additional Charges
  • Total Delinquent Amount
  • Delinquent Good Through Date
  • Next Critical Date
  • Next Critical Action
  • Redemption Period