We Drain the Risk of Flood Loss

Flood Zone Determination Services

According to the National Weather Service, the 30-year average of property loss due to flood loss is $7.96 Billion annually. Our fresh approach keeps you out of the flood zone.

We offer a powerful flood zone determination solution. Based on complete FEMA data, accurate geocoding and plat, satellite, image, street and tax maps, we can determine flood risk associated with real estate.

Our accurate, real-time flood determination certificates are compliant with the most current federal regulations, and based on the most reliable data. Our flood zone determination solution, real-time accurate data, and our expertise takes flood risk out of the equation.

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Flood Services Description

Flood Zone Determination

National Tax Search delivers real-time Flood Certificates compliant with the Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973 and the National Flood Insurance Reform Act of 1994. As required by federal regulations, every flood determination is based on the most recent FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) offering the most current and reliable data available.

Life of Loan Tracking Service

NTS monitors flood hazard status of each property throughout the life of the loan (fully transferable). Since FEMA is undergoing an extensive initiative to revise the nation’s flood maps, it’s important that your portfolio is monitored for changes to flood hazard areas. Choose NTS flood determination services for peace of mind!

Portfolio Service

NTS offers both Flood and Tax portfolio review for ongoing servicing or as a onetime only search. With NTS, your flood information is at your fingertips. Our solution provides instant access to your flood zone determinations and reports. As required by federal regulation, every flood determination is based upon the currently effective FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map. Most determinations are automated and nearly instant. Those that require manual review are available within 48 hours.