We Take the Guesswork out of HOA Liability

HOAQ Services

Condo, planned unit development, or townhome transactions can be risky business when hidden HOA fee delinquencies surface unexpectedly.

Lien rights and foreclosure liabilities are enforced on homeowner’s assets when homeowner assessments fall delinquent. Personal liability and foreclosure may be the next risk for lenders, investors and processors. We offer full service HOA assessment and management so you can have access to real-time information about properties, and risk.

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HOA Services Description

HOA ID Report

NTS will research an Asset by address or account number to determine if the asset is in an association. NTS will obtain the association details: name, mailing address, phone number, contact name and website (if applicable). All contact information will be provided to the customer via TaxQ/HOA Certificate.

HOA Delinquent Reporting

NTS will contact the association to obtain 24 months of payment history, including delinquencies, liens or foreclosed account information. A detailed report of the payment history; amount, due date, date paid, unpaid amounts, penalties and/or interest, and next upcoming due date, will be provided to the customer via TaxQ/HOA Certificate. If an estoppel letter has been registered and/or additional documentation outlining any delinquent status has been registered, NTS will obtain and provide through TaxQ.

Pre- & Post-Foreclosure Data

In the event the customer requires legal assistance with past due accounts, NTS offers a legal representation. NTS will obtain estoppel letter and negotiate terms with the association, based on specific state statue, for payment resolution.

HOA Fee Servicing

NTS reporting and payment services include ongoing reporting of upcoming HOA assessment and special fees associated with each asset. Payment services are also offered, taking the burden off our customers to ensure payment was made timely and effectively.

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