Powerful. Scalable. Secure. SaaS.

Commercial TaxQ

The Commercial TaxQ is SaaS infrastructure, designed specifically for the high-demand records verification needs of real estate lending and investing. Our cloud-based infrastructure, data science, security, analytics and advanced processing deliver the reliable property tax information your business needs — in real time.

The Commercial TaxQ system allows clients to review and monitor risk for their entire portfolio in real-time, review assets for property status, submit new requests, and perform maintenance on existing records.

Commercial TaxQ Features

Data warehouse with 500+ million active records
Real-time data on properties with approximately 26,000 taxing entities
.NET architecture with advanced data security and 128-bit encryption
Customizable, user-defined rights and administrative structure provides clients with access controls to sensitive information
Our APIs ensure that client systems, the NTS Core platform, and applications interoperate seamlessly
Fully compliant with tax, lending regulations and internal business rules
Customizable interface to support client branding, functionality and website integration
Redundant, fault-tolerant systems ensure 24/7 availability and seamless disaster recovery
Fully customizable analytics and reporting
Secure backup ensures no lost or compromised data
Built-in automation for tax reporting file system and tax line installation

Our easy-to-use APIs enable streamlined integration with our clients’ internal business processes and applications. Our secure, mirrored data architecture keeps your data safe. Our system is designed to give you the power of a cloud-based system without the risk or vendor lock-in that comes from other, proprietary solutions.