National Tax Search works with you to build a solution for boarding and research that fits your specific portfolio needs. Whether you have all data requirements necessary to import into TaxQ® to establish each tax record or you need full legal description research to determine parcel numbers and a full tax certification, NTS can assist. Our property tax research solution covers all areas of liability including accurate parcels, agency relationship, prior delinquent or sold status, current payment history, special abatements and/or exemptions, and any other special data required to manage the property taxes in the future. Researched elements are guaranteed at 100% performance rate, based on the detailed elements chosen.

Our strategic method of research is based on various data variables. If you are boarding a large number of assets, NTS will review, begin researching with any loans/assets with upcoming due dates along with working those files that have come in prior to other portfolio boarding to eliminate any potential losses to our client due to timing of boarding the portfolio.