Quick Facts About NTS

About Us

The Beginning

Founded in 1997, National Tax Search started with a simple vision: Provide superior service to our client, and a powerful solution that warehouses all clients’ data for safekeeping.

How We Accomplished The Impossible

From day one, National Tax Search became who we are today through superior customer care, detailed and accurate tax information, and continued innovation.


NTS provides comprehensive commercial and residential property tax management services for our client’s property tax portfolio. Our web based property tax system, TaxQ, acts as a portal with an option of full integration for clients providing access to detailed tax information within their database system. Additional services include Tax Certification and Flood Determination.


We treat every client as if they were our very first client, signed over 20 years ago. We truly believe it is important to be there for our clients not only during the initial transition and on boarding, but throughout the continuum we assure that our Client Relations and Sales team will be there every step of the way!


We service mortgage companies, insurance companies, traditional lenders, title companies, specialty loan servicers, pension funds, real estate attorneys and commercial & residential real estate owners nationwide and across North America.

Who We Are

Here at NTS we are comprised of teams of Experienced Property Tax Specialists, Client Care Liaisons, Customer Service Ninjas, Brilliant Software Developers, with one common goal: our client’s success.

Continuing To Evolve

Long recognized as a pioneer in the innovation in property tax management, NTS continues to develop the next generation of products and solutions in the evolving industry of property tax management.

Our Pledge

To provide our clients with the highest level of customer service, believing in the NTS Motto that “Our Clients Success is Our Success.”

Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy has always been driven by global vision and the highest professional standards that allow our experienced and loyal team to dedicate themselves to meeting our clients’ needs through dynamic solutions delivered by first class customer service.