Why Choose National Tax Search

National Tax Search brings over twenty years of experience to tax research and verification. We limit our customers’ exposure to unforeseen collateral loss related to unpaid tax, HOA fees or inaccurate flood determination. We work with some of the largest lenders and investors in the nation as well as smaller, regional firms. We are known for our personalized, dedicated service, flexible technology and guaranteed accuracy.

We provide a turnkey management platform to residential and commercial lenders, real estate investors, and owners. Clients choose NTS to reduce risk and improve efficiency through the NTS Platform, a powerful cloud-based system that automates reporting and payment processing at scale. Our purpose-built applications run on our platform, and simplify tax, flood and HOA verification. Only NTS offers guaranteed accuracy and flexible services for optimal performance.

Unlike large software platforms or small boutique verification organizations, NTS offers deep relationships with taxing entities, award winning customer service, and a powerful, yet flexible technology platform designed to work in concert with internal systems and processes.


How NTS Helps Your Business

Reduce risk

The NTS Platform contains the data, regulatory information and business logic needed to reduce risk. NTS integrates seamlessly and can ingest and process millions of transactions in real-time, without disrupting client workflow or systems.

Gain efficiency

Transparent, real-time access to your data 24/7 with flexible scorecards and reporting options. We make on-time payments and deliver real-time verifications.

Accuracy guaranteed

The NTS system is accurate. We’re so sure, we’ll cover any errors, in the unlikely event that they occur.

Flexible, dedicated service

Our award-winning service is highly-customizable to meet the specialized needs of your business. Our dedicated account teams know your business and are chartered to meet your needs.

Technology at scale

The NTS Platform is highly scalable, built on real-time data, and uniquely provides a closed-loop system. The system gives you complete control of your data, business processes and accounts. With NTS there is no vendor lock-in.

Learn More About How NTS Can Work For You


We eliminate tax liability surprises by managing the full tax cycle and verifying payment, at scale. We guarantee 100% accuracy, and cover any client loss related to our work.


We ensure accurate and timely flood determination certification. We provide fast, complete, compliant flood determination you can trust.


We manage the full HOA fee cycle and verify payment for real-time assessment of asset status.

NTS Platform

Our SaaS infrastructure is designed specifically for the high-demand records verification needs of real estate lending and investing.